Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Union rep: Train engineer William Rockefeller 'was nodding off' - CNN.com

All around a very bad situation, this is where I always get into the discussion of acceptable losses. Every government and big business have what they call acceptable losses, where they compare the price of fixing a problem and how much human life must be lost prior to them spending the required money to fix a known hazard.

This type of accounting has gone on since the beginning of time, that is how the military developed such weapons as the tank, back in the day when the loss of life wasn't so alarming (to the military) it was fine to send in line after line of infantry, but at the end of World War I with the initial advent of weapons of mass destruction such as poison gas, aerial bombs dropped from balloon, then aircraft and machine guns began to slaughter thousands of soldiers on both sides in a matter of minutes and the outcry of the families back home brought about the invention of tanks, helmets and bullet proof materials.

It is the same way today, that is why you don't see a city install traffic lights at a four way stop intersection though numerous accidents happen their each year, it is not until the deaths hit their magic number that exceeds acceptable loss that the city will spend that money to install traffic lights. The other way is they get sued by a causalities family members.

So until we get on what ever organization who has responsibility over a certain dangerous situations butt's nothing gets done, I just this world would just come to the realization that 1 human life is worth more than any amount of money!! 

Union rep: Train engineer William Rockefeller 'was nodding off' - CNN.com