Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I want to take this time and wish you all a very Merry Christmas, It was for me most of the day and at this time I'm not ready to fully go over parts of my life in this blog, but it was a great Christmas and here is a hint, because I got to spend the day with my son Jesiah.

My wife Sandi and my son are my life, they are what I live for and presently Jeisah doesn't live with us because grandma is a psycho. We lived in San Diego and against my wishes he was sent on summer vacation to visit grandma and then she refused to send him back.

In 2011 she tried to take him away from us in San Diego, we fought her for a year in court and the court and CPS found in our favor and she lost, this was the reason I said he was sent against my wishes because now that my wife's mother was in a different state I knew she would try again, and she is the only difference is she hasn't got the Child Protective Service in this state involved because she knows they would investigate and she again would loose, so now what she is doing is basically going to the courts and trying to feel the judge with lies about us, using the same statements and lies from the same people in San Diego but in the courts of this state which at this time I am not ready to mention.

But enough of that, I had a wonderful Christmas because I got to spend the day with my wife and son, and it was a blessing despite the fact that her mother was there and was verbally abusive, to the point she caused our son to cry, but we consoled him and told him not to worry he will soon be home with us and then he won't be sad and locked away in his bedroom all day as his grandma keeps him now.

Goodnight all and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year