Wednesday, May 14, 2014

City, county agencies made some missteps during fire - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

OK they need to either figure out who is hacking into their "cloud" and what other glitches in their system is causing this to happen, something can cause lives, I"m not talking it could be a couple it could cause 100's to possible 1'000s of death's of innocent victims listening to what County Emergency Management tells them to do.

City, county agencies made some missteps during fire - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Monday, May 12, 2014

BBC News - US deploys planes in search for Nigerian girls

 It is about time that the government of Nigeria and President Goodluck Jonathan  is finally accepting help from the other nations, it is sad to think if the #bringbackourgirls social media outcry hadn't made international attention I believe nothing would have been done.

My fear here is now that Nigeria will go ahead and negotiate with these terrorists and this will be a continuing situation, if they exchange prisoners for these girls they will do it over and over. However I also fear that because it has been shown in the past that  Boko Haram has no concern for human life, that if a rescue mission is attempted these young girls, who's only crime is trying to make a better life for themselves will be murdered, I am afraid that this may be a now win situation for the government of Nigeria and the young girls and their families.

Either way if they exchange prisoners or these young girls are killed in a rescue attempt Boko Haram is going to be made stronger in Nigeria and surrounding nations because of the fear factor, something should have been done right away and if I was a Nigerian citizen I would be trying to force President Goodluck Jonathan out, him and others in their government are corrupt anyways, sharing their oil wealth among each other and living most of Nigeria's citizens living in fear and poverty.

BBC News - US deploys planes in search for Nigerian girls

Brentwood officer shot, killed at scene of home explosion - 7News Boston WHDH-TV

 My prayers go out to the family of this officer.  Police Officers are
the unsung hero's of this nation. I served 20 years in the US Military
and they say I am a hero, however while I was away I trust police
officers who don't know me or my family to put their life on the line to
protect them and fellow citizens. God Bless You Officer Arkell

Brentwood officer shot, killed at scene of home explosion - 7News Boston WHDH-TV

Friday, May 9, 2014

Man to be sentenced in Chargers game brawl - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

 these guys get a damn good sentence because it wasn't only the people they hit that they hurt. I saw a lot of crying woman and children that day. I think they should outlaw alcohol at all sporting events though that will never happen because after the tickets that's their second best money maker!!

Man to be sentenced in Chargers game brawl - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A new Family

Today I have a new family, I can't tell you where I met them, but we all know what we are going through and we all love each other. The purpose of this family is not to control each other but to be there in our good time and bad times when others haven't been.

I have happened to adopt  some of them  John as my new brother


Have asked me to adopt them as my daughters and I was privileged and honored to do so, you couldn't find some the most beautiful, strong, smart ,intelligent young ladies who know what they want in life, and I want to be there to give them the help and the support they may have not had from other areas of their life. I am their for them available 24 hours. And I now my daughters will succeed in life I have faith for everyone of them.

Now for John I am proud to have him as a brother, when you first see him he seems tough but he is actually a kitty cat that can be tough if he needs to be. He has a good insight in his life, I love him as my blood brother and if it came to it I would give my life for him and every person listed here  

Mothers Day and my wife Sandi Marie Donecker

Mothers  Day Mach 11th 2014 is going to be a hard one for a few of us, that is the reason I haven't posted in the last three day's or so. To be honest I am dreading this mothers day.

Mothers Day 2014 is the second month anniversary of  Sandi's death, and there was nothing more important to her in this world than being a mother to Jesiah our 8 year old son, that whole month of March was hard on Sandi's whole family.

Mach 1rst we moved into out new apartment, Sandi was so excited, then on March 8th was Jesiahs's 8th birthday, then the worse Sandi at the young age of 38 passed away in her sleep on Mach 11th from heart failure caused by an undetected birth defect, as she slept next to me about 5 a.m.

So yes the last few days I have been feeling somewhat out of it, I hold her thing that I have of hers and cry, I cry a lot, you have to remember we where married for 16 years, 16 years of waking up with her sleeping on my left side, never again will Sandi be there.

What is hurting write now is mothers day is coming up and it is the second month of her death as well, we will be celebrating her motherhood that day and not grieve her lost because she was a great mom and being a mother was the most important thing in her life.

Sandi Marie Donecker  I miss you so much 

Monday, May 5, 2014

At A :Lost

Here it is  the second month of my bet friend, lover and most of all wife Sandi Marie Donecker passed away on 11March 2014. There is not a day that I am not thinking about her and how much she meant to mt . And how low I am feeling at this time with Sandi not being by my Side..

Sandi was the one who kept  me going in my everyday life, right now I miss her so very much, very few people in the wold find ether sou mates in their life lite ans we where luck we found each ohter when she was 23 adn I was 32 and we feel iimeddaely in love. We has Made a commintment until death does as part and upon Sanidis death it is said it is over, but not in my heart, my love for Samdni shall never die and you will alwasy be mine, and I know you are watching over me and leading me
seen  me in the write direction and I know ans feel your love

me and holding my hand. You are my souls mate I always Love you always and forver.
Mothers day is coming up on Martc Sunday will be a mothers day and the 2snd annivarry of you death I just oh my I beg of yo to show your self to me

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Police step up efforts to find razor blade suspect - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

This person is true evil, Satan in human form. How dare someone out there try to purposely hurt our children. I am not usually a violent person and who ever this is my be able to kick my butt, but if I ever catch someone doing this I will probably end up in jail right beside him for assault. There is nothing worse in this world than someone out to purposely injure children and this is what it is about. Like someone putting razor blades in Halloween treats.

This person better hope that the police catch him before a father does because I promise you there probably won't be much left of the person to take to trial.

I am including this in my blog in the hope that this gets the word out and someone catches this animal!!!!!!

Police step up efforts to find razor blade suspect - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

Man in parking garage arson sought - KGTV ABC10 San Diego


I think they will probably get this guy, looks like they got a pretty good shot of his face in the first part of the video, this guy is very dangerous as he obviously been setting fires for awhile now and in this case he wanted a lot of damage if not deaths. I expect that he has done this before and it would probably be a good idea to look at other fires that are considered arson or undetermined and start going through other security videos. He needs to be caught before he sets a occupied building on fire. The scary thing is this was the site of a hospital.

Man in parking garage arson sought - KGTV ABC10 San Diego

BEEZIN Is It Real?

Ok I am getting quite a few e-mails and comments telling me that this is a hoax and it doesn't really work, but people are missing the point, no where am I saying that using this lip balm on your eyelids get you high or whether it truly increases the buzz people who try this actually get while using this with drugs or alcohol.

My point in posting blog entries about this fad, is that first of all it is real, its not a hoax going around the internet and television and print news so our teenagers can sit back and laugh and say ha ha we showed those adults, we got them good. Like I said I'm not saying this works what I'm trying to do is put a warning out to parents that kids are doing this and its something we as parents can watch out for as a possible sign of drug or alcohol use by our children.

I don't want to have the debate of whether it works, the only one who knows that is the person that try's it. I have seen interviews of people who say it's awesome and it does work to people who say it was one of the stupidest things they have ever done because it hurt like hell, but that it is true and kids are doing it, and yes the worse possible outcome could be infections of the eye and left untreated blindness (highly unlikely).

I'm just asking parents to keep an eye out, if they suddenly see their kids suddenly taking an interest in using Burts Bee Lip Balm (or any brand of the same makeup), to ask a few questions and take care of your children.

That's it, end of debate but I will write more as more information on this becomes available to me.

New, dangerous trend involves Burt's Bees lip balm (Video) -

This link at the bottom of the page does contain a video of a doctor talking about the possible problems that can arise from using this on your eyes.

Here is a warning for parents, this is not new and you kind find
references to it as far back as 2010 and it's not that this makes the
user high, it is just another feeling that the tees add to the feeling
of being high, there is something that some of them like about the burn
of the peppermint oil on their eyelids while they are high or drunk.

is not a "hoax" as some people are saying kids are doing it and they
may only do it a few times until it looses its excitement but it is
something that parents can watch out for if they are concerned about
their children using drugs or alcohol. If you suddenly see your child
using this Burt's Bees lip balm more than they used to or have never
used it and suddenly have it in their possession it could be a sign that
your teen is using.

Another possible sign is if your
teen is suddenly having a problem with infections of the eyes such as
pink eye this could be another sign that they are "Beezin" because
applying anything to the eye that isn't meant to be used there can cause
infection and many times teens share these items so if one teen uses
the lip balm on their lips and have a cold sore that can be passed to
their own eyes or another person eyes if they are sharing. Just keep an
eye out.New, dangerous trend involves Burt's Bees lip balm (Video) -

"Beezin" trend has teens using Burt's Bees Wax lip balm on eyelids to enhance drug, alcohol effects -

I don't want people to think I have forgotten about my promise to continue looking into this supposedly new drug craze among teens in this country, it turns out however it's not as new as I thought it was, it seems you can find references to Beezin as far back as 2010 and it's just now starting to catch the attention of physicians, law enforcement, and parents.

Not only is this a possible sign to watch out for if your kids are using drugs or alcohol there can be other medical problems induced by using Burts Bees Lip Balm on your eyelids, it also can cause serious infections of the eyes and common sense tells you if you want to look at the worse possible out come, untreated infections of the eyes can lead to blindness.

Doctors are also saying that even if you don't see your loved one or friend suddenly using this lip balm more often or its something you have never seen them use, watch for a sudden increase of pink eye or other eye infections because this to can be an indication of someone using this stuff on their eyes to increase there "buzz" from drugs or alcohol. 

"Beezin" trend has teens using Burt's Bees Wax lip balm on eyelids to enhance drug, alcohol effects -

Peaches Geldof: Heroin likely played role in death, inquest hears -

My prayers go out to the family of Peaches. Heroine is truly becoming
the drug of choice for people all over the country, the drug that was
once pictured in the average persons mind as a drug for the homeless,
poor and criminals is now one of the most popular drugs in America.

are wondering why heroine is becoming so popular and so easy for the
average person to buy, and I have one theory. Heroine itself is a very
strong opiate. Opiates are what is used by doctors to help people who
are in pain whether from accidents or disease and includes such
prescription medications as Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin. 

in a misguided attack on the war on drugs, federal and state
governments have been making the ability to obtain legal prescriptions
more difficult in an attempt to reduce the ability of opiate abusers and
addicts to obtain these medicines on the street but at the same time
they are making it more difficult for those that have documented medical
reasons for using these medications prescribed by their personal

As usually is the case the original idea
that these officials had was probably a good idea and in some ways it
has worked, the amount of opiates available on the street has been
reduced which has caused the amount people pay for it to go up. In the
process in many areas of the country the price of buying a few Vicodin's
on the street is now more expensive then heroine.

law enforcement did not think about, if someone is abusing opiate
medications and are not using them for a medical condition, but instead
to get high they probably weren't getting them from their doctor in the
first place and if they want them they are going to find them, but
because the prices are rising these people that where abusing, say,
Oxycontin are now turning to buying heroine instead.

the worse part, in states like Washington which now has very strict
prescription laws some of these patients who are suffering from chronic
pain from diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or accidents are also
having a more difficult time getting the prescriptions they require as
close to a normal life as possible.

The problem of
course with heroine is it is made by people in their own homes for sale
on the streets, which means these users never know for sure what they
are getting, for example a few months back when there was a rash of
overdose deaths on the East Coast because the producers where mixing
Fentanyl another strong opioid usually prescribed in the form of patches
that go on the skin or even suckers, but the combination of these two
mixed together killed many people, just an example of how people don't
know what they are getting buying this stuff on the streets.

Peaches Geldof: Heroin likely played role in death, inquest hears -

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russians clash with riot police in Donetsk -

Here is the question I have, if these protesters, militants or "green
men" what ever you want to call them are really taking over these
buildings and asking for an election on May 11th why are they going into
these government buildings and destroying them, busting windows and
knocking down doors?

If their true aim is to be the new
government in a possible autonomous region, independent nation or become
part of the Russian Federation why are the damaging the limited
infrastructure that Eastern Ukraine has when there is the possibility
that these people could end up inheriting the government. I would think
they would take care to do it as peacefully as possible so that they
could just ease into their new positions, the way they are damaging
these buildings tell me that most likely they are the "green men" from
Russian and not Ukrainian citizens.

I'm sure there are some
Ukrainian citizens now involved, for example in the cities where they
are letting the police forces go about their normal day to day business
of protecting the public from criminals, those groups that are doing
that I believe are Ukrainians who actually care about what is happening
and about the local population.

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russians clash with riot police in Donetsk -