Monday, May 5, 2014

At A :Lost

Here it is  the second month of my bet friend, lover and most of all wife Sandi Marie Donecker passed away on 11March 2014. There is not a day that I am not thinking about her and how much she meant to mt . And how low I am feeling at this time with Sandi not being by my Side..

Sandi was the one who kept  me going in my everyday life, right now I miss her so very much, very few people in the wold find ether sou mates in their life lite ans we where luck we found each ohter when she was 23 adn I was 32 and we feel iimeddaely in love. We has Made a commintment until death does as part and upon Sanidis death it is said it is over, but not in my heart, my love for Samdni shall never die and you will alwasy be mine, and I know you are watching over me and leading me
seen  me in the write direction and I know ans feel your love

me and holding my hand. You are my souls mate I always Love you always and forver.
Mothers day is coming up on Martc Sunday will be a mothers day and the 2snd annivarry of you death I just oh my I beg of yo to show your self to me