Thursday, May 8, 2014

A new Family

Today I have a new family, I can't tell you where I met them, but we all know what we are going through and we all love each other. The purpose of this family is not to control each other but to be there in our good time and bad times when others haven't been.

I have happened to adopt  some of them  John as my new brother


Have asked me to adopt them as my daughters and I was privileged and honored to do so, you couldn't find some the most beautiful, strong, smart ,intelligent young ladies who know what they want in life, and I want to be there to give them the help and the support they may have not had from other areas of their life. I am their for them available 24 hours. And I now my daughters will succeed in life I have faith for everyone of them.

Now for John I am proud to have him as a brother, when you first see him he seems tough but he is actually a kitty cat that can be tough if he needs to be. He has a good insight in his life, I love him as my blood brother and if it came to it I would give my life for him and every person listed here